Benefits of Filing an Uncontested Divorce Through the Law Office of Brian D. Iton

  • You save thousands of dollars in legal fees
  • Fast Turnaround (preparing, filing, serving Court documents)
  • Toll-free and online support for all of your questions
  • Representation in all 21 New Jersey counties (Statewide Representation)
  • You can use our services and get a divorce even if your spouse doesn't agree to sign the divorce papers (Default Divorce)
  • Free online and telephone consultations
  • No office visits required
  • All paperwork prepared and filed by our office
  • Child support calculations performed as part of divorce at no extra cost
  • Custody and property settlement agreements prepared
  • Over 20 years of legal experience
  • Credit and debit cards accepted
  • Installment payment plans available
  • Better protection than non-lawyer websites
What Are the Facts of Your Case?

A divorce case can have no issues to resolve (no assets to divide, no children, no alimony) or on the other extreme the case can involve 10 or more major issues to resolve (assets to divide - house, cars, bank accounts, retirement savings, child custody, child support, relocation of children, alimony, division of debt, etc.).

If you have no issues to resolve, and you want nothing from your spouse except a divorce, and your spouse wants nothing from you, except a divorce, then our office can prepare and file the necessary court paperwork to get your divorce finalized in months at a flat fee. If you and your spouse have some issues to resolve, our office can represent you in resolving those issues, and draft a " property settlement agreement" which resolves all of the issues in your divorce. Once that document is signed, our office can prepare and file the necessary paperwork to put through an uncontested divorce. Even if your spouse does not want to discuss your case with you, you can still get a divorce, if you serve them the papers, and they do not respond. This is called a "default divorce."

Contact Us

Whatever the facts of your unique situation, call the Law Office of Brian D. Iton, New Jersey No-Fault Divorce Lawyers, toll-free at (844) 431-3380 or contact us online.