In Hudson County


Hudson County is a high-volume divorce filing county. In total approximately 4500 contested and uncontested divorce cases are filed in Hudson County each year. The Hudson County Family Part serves not only the residents of Hudson County’s larger cities like Jersey City, Union City, Bayonne, and North Bergen, but it also handles the divorce cases for its medium size cities like Secaucus, Harrison, and Weehawken, and its smaller municipalities like Hoboken, West New York, and Kearny.

Once the divorce complaint is filed it takes approximately 10-20 days to get the docket number assigned to the case. Cases assigned to the uncontested divorce calendar in Hudson County can take 3-4 months to move through the system.


Although Hudson County cases move more slowly than cases in neighboring counties, Hudson County Judges allow uncontested divorces “on the papers”. This means that in Hudson County the plaintiff (the person filing the divorce complaint) does not have to appear at the courthouse in Jersey City on the date assigned by the Court for the divorce hearing. Hudson County judges handling divorces allow the plaintiff’s lawyer to submit the final divorce papers in advance of the court date and request that the court grant the divorce based on the papers submitted. This works particularly well for out-of-state clients, busy clients, who would prefer to not take time off from work, and persons in the military. Although Hudson County judges allow divorce submissions on the papers, they still allow plaintiffs to show up in court and give testimony if they want to. From my experience, Hudson County judges, ask more in-depth questions about the marital economic lifestyle then do judges in other New Jersey divorce courts. However, satisfying the judge’s marital economic lifestyle questions are not difficult. Finally, similar to most New Jersey counties, active duty military members can appear telephonically in Hudson county, if need be. Plaintiffs do not have to provide a marriage certificate with their paperwork, and they do not have to pay for gold seals on their Judgment of Divorce and Name Change Order.

Judges of the Superior Court, Hudson County, Family Part are:

Hon. Daniel D’Alessandro, J.S.C.
Hon. Elaine L. Davis, J.S.C.
Hon. Bernadette N. DeCastro, J.S.C.
Hon. Alvaro L. Iglesias, J.S.C.
Hon. Severiano Lisboa, III, J.S.C.
Hon. Maureen P. Sogluizzo, J.S.C.
Hon. Mark A. Baber, J.S.C.
Hon. Joseph Charles, Jr., J.S.C.
Hon. Edward J. DeFazio, J.S.C.
Hon. Lois Lipton, J.S.C.
Hon. Mark J. Nelson, J.S.C.

The address of the Hudson County Child Support Office is 595 Newark Avenue, 3rd Floor, Room 301, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306. To see if your marital situation qualifies for an uncontested divorce in Hudson County feel free to call my office at (844) 431-3380, or e-mail me directly using the contact form located on this page with any questions that you may have about the Hudson County uncontested divorce process.