In Mercer County


Each year approximately 2000 divorce cases are filed in Mercer County. Whether you are a resident of Trenton or one of the county’s larger townships such as Hamilton, Ewing, East Windsor or Lawrence; or if you live in one of Mercer County’s smaller municipalities like Princeton, Hopewell or West Windsor, your divorce complaint and certifications will be filed in Superior Court in Trenton.

From my experience representing clients in Mercer county divorces the timeline is slightly above average. However, Mercer county judges give attorneys the option of preparing extra paperwork and affidavits so that their clients do not have to appear in court. This is especially helpful if you cannot take time off from work to attend court, or you reside out-of-state, or if you are a member of the armed forces.

If you do appear in court on the day scheduled for the divorce hearing, the Judgment of Divorce will be granted and signed in court, and you will leave the courthouse with your final paperwork. Mercer county judges do not require submission of a marriage certificate as a prerequisite to granting a divorce, nor is there a fee charged for a gold sealed copy of the divorce paperwork.

Below is a list of the Judges of the Mercer County, Superior Court, Family Part:

Hon. William Anklowitz, J.S.C.
Hon. Catherine Fitzpatrick, J.S.C.
Hon. Janetta D. Marbrey, J.S.C.
Hon. Lawrence P. DeBello, J.S.C.
Hon. F. Lee Forrester, J.S.C.
Hon. Peter E. Warshaw, J.S.C.

The address of the Mercer County Child Support Office Address is 175 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 8068, Trenton, New Jersey 08650. To see if your marital situation qualifies for an uncontested divorce in Mercer County, call me, Brian Iton, at (844) 431-3380, or e-mail me using the e-mail contact form on this page with any questions that you have.