In Morris County


Approximately 3500 divorce cases are filed each year in Morris County Superior Court. If you live in Parsippany Troy-Hills, Morristown, Morris Township or another community off of Interstate 287; or if you are a resident of one of the townships north of Route 80 (such as Rockaway Township or Jefferson Township), or south of Route 80 (such as Randolph, Roxbury or Mount Olive) to initiate a divorce action your complaint and attachments must be filed at the Superior Court Clerk’s office in Morristown.

The timeline for completion of an uncontested divorce in Morris County is average when compared to other New Jersey counties. With full cooperation from both parties the entire process takes 2-3 months.

Although an in-court personal appearance is required by the filing party (the plaintiff) on the day of the divorce hearing, my experience has been that Morris County judges will generally permit testimony via telephone if a specific request is made to the court in advance and the plaintiff does not live in New Jersey. Therefore, even if you reside out-of-state, or you are active duty military, there is a possibility that you will not have to come to court in New Jersey to process your divorce.

Morris County judges do not require presentation of the marriage certificate in order for the divorce to be granted. Nor is there an extra fee to receive a gold seal on the Judgment of Divorce. As is the case in all New Jersey divorces you will receive the signed, sealed Judgment of Divorce in court immediately following the divorce hearing.

There are 7 judges of the Morris County Superior Court, Family Part:

Hon. Philip J. Maenza, J.S.C.
Hon. Maryann L. Nergaard, J.S.C.
Hon. Mary Gibbons Whipple, J.S.C.
Hon. Michael Paul Wright, J.S.C.
Hon. Thomas J. Critchley, Jr., J.S.C.
Hon. James M. DeMarzo, J.S.C.
Hon. Catherine I. Enright, J.S.C.

The address of the Morris County Child Support Office Address is Administration & Records Building, P.O. Box 910, Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0910. Contact my office directly at (844) 431-3380 or use the email contact form if you have any questions or require any further information on Morris County uncontested divorces.