In Passaic County


Passaic county is a high divorce filing county. Approximately 3800 contested and uncontested divorces are filed in the county each year. Compared to the other high volume counties Passaic county uncontested divorces move relatively quickly from date of filing to day of divorce. The average timeframe for an uncontested divorce to move through the Passaic county court system is 2 to 3 months.

Whether you reside in one of Passaic County’s largest cities, such as Paterson, Passaic or Clifton, one of the bedroom communities located off of Route 80, such as Wayne, Totowa, or Woodland Park, or if you make your home in one of the smaller towns off of Route 23 in Northern Passaic County, your divorce action will be initiated and concluded at the State Superior Court in downtown Paterson.


On the day scheduled for your divorce matter to be heard, you will make your way to the Superior Court, Family Part courthouse in downtown Paterson, and take the elevator up to the Family Part. Passaic county has an orderly process whereby you check-in in a large waiting area, and then the Sheriff’s officers walk all cases assigned to their judge over to the judge’s courtroom. The divorce cases are not heard individually and in private. Your case will be heard by other persons in court. In my experience Passaic county divorce judges move the divorce calendar quickly and efficiently. You do not have to provide a marriage certificate to the judge in a Passaic county divorce. At the close of testimony you will receive your signed and sealed judgment of divorce in court. You do not have to pay an extra fee for your gold sealed copy. Members of the military are routinely accommodated, and I have had the experience of having persons serving overseas successfully complete their divorces via telephone testimony.

The Judges of the Passaic County, Superior Court, Family Part are:

Hon. Terry Paul Bottinelli, J.S.C.
Hon. Nestor F. Guzman, J.S.C.
Hon. Joseph A. Portelli, J.S.C.
Hon. George E. Sabbath, J.S.C.
Hon. Esther Suarez, J.S.C.
Hon. Ernest M. Caposela, J.S.C.
Hon. Sohail Mohammed, J.S.C.
Hon. George F. Rohde, Jr., J.S.C.
Hon. John E. Selser, J.S.C.

The address of the Passaic County Child Support Office is 77 Hamilton Street, 1st Floor, Paterson, New Jersey 07505. If you have specific questions about your marital situation, and whether you qualify for an uncontested divorce in Passaic county, you can contact my office directly at (844) 431-3380, or via my direct e-mail using the contact form located on this page.